Houseboat Guide

Necessary Information to Have About Houseboat Vacation

One of the things which can give you a memorable experience is a vacation spent on a houseboat be it for some days or even a month. For large groups of friends or even for a couple which has recently married on their honeymoon, you will find a houseboat that is ideal for any trip.


With plenty of houseboat options available, it is vital that you take your time and decide on the size of craft which you require. Also, how many sleeping accommodations are needed, the living and dining quarters especially if you will make all the meals on board and finally the budget as well as the time of the year of your travel.


Houseboats are found in different sizes based on the size of the group of people which requires accommodation and the amenities which are inside as well as the outside of the craft which are needed. For small groups and couples, the ideal size will be a houseboat measuring up to 35feet long. For the small-sized crafts which are fiberglass and aluminum built, they will carry approximately 30 gallons of water, 55 gallons of fuel and 80 gallons of propane. Read more about this company here!


On the inside, you have the kitchen region which will contain a refrigerator, a microwave, a two-burner range containing an oven, together with some cabinets for storage. You will also have a dinette area which can accommodate four individuals, and it is complete with wall-length booths. For some, the craft will have a dinette regions which is possible to convert to a sleeping berth. Look for more facts about houseboats at


For bedroom accommodations, you will usually find a single queen sized bed and then in the living area; you will have a sleeper sofa that can be converted into a bed. In case you like sleeping on top of the deck on the outside, more so I weather which is warm, you can ask for a sleeping tent as you rent.


The Alleppey houseboat will also contain a TV, a DVD player, and a radio. You will also have all the safety features which will contain the sounding horn, the navigations lights, carbon monoxide detector and ships bell.


The rental rates will be based on the region which you want to visit, how long you will stay during your visit, the size of the boat as well as the time of the year when you will be visiting.


The prices will normally include other services such as garbage disposal, drinking water, and even insurance among many more.